Saturday, February 27, 2010

Good Week

I've finally gotten back on track with the mileage this week.

Last week was somewhat of a disaster, considering I was attempting to recover from a 50K and battling some sort of stomach virus/food poisoning at the same time.  It seemed that every time I would try to pick up my normal routine of ~16 miles a day, my body would fight back and I would spend another day being completely exhausted.  So, the weekly total was 72 hard-fought miles.

This week was a very different story.  Here is a log of my miles:

FEB 22- FEB 28

M- AM 69 min, 10 miles

     PM 45 min, 6.5 miles

T- AM 111 min, 14 miles

     PM 43.5 min, 6.5 miles

W- AM 66 min, 10 miles

     PM 66 min, 10 miles

T- AM 40 min, 6 miles

     PM 41 min, 6 miles

F- 67 min, 10 miles

S- AM 95 min, 12 miles

    PM 70 min, 10 miles

S- SOLO, __ min, 14 miles (still to come)

TOTAL: 115

Although I haven't quite finished out the week, I only need 14 more miles to complete my goal of 115 miles.  My body once again feels whole, and every run this week left me feeling stronger and more confident than the last.

Today was the best run yet.  For the last 6 weeks or so, I've been waking up every Saturday at 6:30 a.m, eager to go for a run.  This is because of the group I've been running with, C.R.U.D.  Although I don't get to run with C.R.U.D as much as I used to with the Trail Nerds, I still feel the same cohesiveness and friendliness from everyone who is in the group.  Good folks!  So this morning, I was running a bit late, but soon caught up to an unusually small group of Crudders crossing the train tracks to make their way up to the Falcon Trail.  I was glad to see Rick, Paul, Tara, and John (whom I'd met only last week) all with smiles on their faces.  We hit the trail and instantly there were 5 inches of fresh snow under every footfall.  This made running a bit sketchy at times, but very easy on the legs.  And I think the thing I remember most was how quickly the twelve miles went by, and how bummed I was that the run was over.  I can't really recall the last time I felt that way.  Luckily, the day wasn't over, as Tara and John invited Paul and I to attend a yoga class.  I'll omit the details, but will say that it kicked my ass and I can't wait to go back.

Overall, this week was awesome. I'm back on track with mileage and I wake up every day excited to get stronger and faster.  2 weeks until Salida Marathon!

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