Saturday, January 2, 2010

Upping the milage

Getting back into intense training this year has been much easier than expected.  I've found that my body has been responding very well to upping the milage every week, and this week I've finally started my seven week plan to train for the Run Toto Run 50k in Wyandotte County, Kansas.

Although most people from around the country think a race in Kansas won't be challenging or beautiful, this race is both.  Set in the Wyandotte County State Park, it boasts over 5000 feet of elevation gain and some pretty serious technical trails.  There's also plenty of wildlife to be seen throughout the course.  I've heard rumors of a mountain lion somewhere inside the park as well.

So, the seven week plan is....

Week 1: 85 miles
Week 2: 100
Week 3: 110
Week 4: 100
Week 5: 120
Week 6: 85
Week 7: 50 easy

Since, I live on the east side of Colorado Springs, I haven't really been able to explore many of the mountain trails located on the west side.  Moreso, I've been running either around my neighborhood or along a flat dirt trail that leads south to Fountain.  Running through the neighborhood has offered its share of scares, as dogs around here always seem to be very aggressive.  One dog in particular, a purebred husky, attempts to leap over its wall (about 7 feet) and nearly succeeds every time.  The only upside to this is a serious "fight or flight" adrenaline boost that sends me into sub-6 minute miles.  I'll make sure not to run by on my recovery days.


  1. Get after it brother....

  2. I'm sure you've seen a couple of dogs on the Santa Fe trail, about 2 1/2 miles south of the El Pomar sports complex. Fortunately, they are in fenced backyards, but they always raise a lot of commotion and get the heart pumping.