Saturday, January 23, 2010

3 Weeks Out

WEEK 3: JAN 11- JAN 17

M- AM 75 min, 11 miles

      PM 65 min, 10 miles

T- AM  95 min, 13 miles

     PM  46 min, 7 miles

W- AM 70 min, 10 miles

     PM 59 min, 6 miles + 2+ barefoot miles

T- AM 48 min, 7 miles

     PM 46 min, 7 miles

F- AM 43 min, 6 miles

     PM 46 min, ~ 6 miles

S- 154 min, 21-22 miles

S-  40 minutes, 4+ miles

TOTAL: 110+ MILES, 13 hrs 7 min, 7:09 min/mile

WEEK 4: JAN 18- JAN 24

M- AM 66 min, 10 miles

     PM  41 min, 6 miles

T-  AM 67 min, 10 miles

      PM 40 min,6 miles

W- AM 62 min, 8 miles

      PM 40 min, 6 miles

T- AM  44 min, 6 miles

     PM  40 min, 6 miles

F- 160 min 1.5 mile warmup, 10 miles @ 6:10 pace, 1 mile cool down, INCLINE MILE (41 minutes of super intense stair climbing), 4 mile run down barr trail, total 17.5 miles

S- long run with team CRUD, 182 min, 20-ish miles

S- 2 miles (barefoot)

TOTAL: 97.5 MILES, 12 hrs 22 min, 7:36 min/mile

These last two weeks of training have been great!  I have hit my goals for weekly milage for 2 weeks straight, and now only have 3 more cycles to go before race day.

Week 3 was crucial to see if I would be able to make the jump into 100+ mile weeks without any strain on my body.  It turns out, everything went according to plan... mostly.  I started out the week bagging some big miles with my roommate.  This left me with some room to take recovery days to get ready for my workout on Saturday.  I ended up running with team CRUD, based out of Colorado Springs.  They were doing a half marathon time trial, and needing some speed training, I decided to follow suit.  I turned out to be a very fun day.  I got to meet a lot of nice people, and ended up hitting around 6:30 miles very easily.

The second week was meant to test how my body responded to a slight drop in milage.  Basically, if I was in decent shape, my body would be able to recover.  If not, I would continue to feel fatigued and I would then modify my 120 mile week to something a bit more manageable.  It turns out I didn't really get to test that, since I fell ill on Monday with some sort of respiratory affliction that is still haunting me.  However, I did get a good week of milage in, along with 2 solid back to back workouts.  On Friday, I did a ten mile workout at 6:10 pace along the Sante Fe trail.  Then afterwards, I attempted the incline for the first time.  With ten hard miles on my legs already, 2000 vertical feet in one mile destroyed my legs.  But I got myself good and tired for the long run the next day.  Below is a picture of Gold Camp road, which we ran uphill for about 10 miles, then turned around and headed back to the cars.  Overall, we ran just over 3 hours.  I decided to celebrate my two week triumph with a Gatorade, 2 chocolate milks, and two Jimmy John's sandwiches, all finished within a half hour.

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