Monday, January 30, 2012


Something has finally clicked and I feel ready to start building up the mileage once again!

It's easy to forget how much it sucks building mileage after a few months off... The last few weeks have been a struggle to get into a routine and to build mileage without feeling fatigued. But after the third week of build-up, I have finally hit a rhythm and am now able to plan my 13 week training cycle for Worlds (which is in Italy, awesome).

The plan for Worlds is to basically do what I did last year: several weeks at or around 110 miles, with some progressive run workouts designed to be at or just under goal pace for the 100k, then ramp up the mileage to around 150 with a few 4+ hour efforts in the mountains. All of this should lead to being in excellent shape for the race, and hopefully another team gold for USA! More details to come once the workouts start.

As for other life developments, I have recently accepted a job at Brooks Sports and will be starting early February. I will now be living in Seattle, so if you read this and have any suggestions on running groups to link up with or favorite runs in the area please comment with the details.

I have also changed around my race schedule for the year, and will be adding more local races. Rainier to Ruston is one I'm considering, and White River may be an annual event now.


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  2. Congrats on the job! So you're not doing the LR Marathon?

  3. Hi Andy, how's your build up to Worlds 100k going? Would be interesting to read a bit about what your doing preparing for this event. Thanks and best of luck. Kim

  4. Congrats on the job at Brooks and the move to Seattle. I actually spend a lot of time in the urban parks, both Discovery and Carkeek. (Though mainly carkeek due to it being close to where I live) There are also a lot of people who use the 6 mile run around lake union as a tempo effort.

    Not sure about running groups though. Especially at the pace you probably run at!

  5. Andrew, I hope the move to Brooks is working out for you. I am a Brooks ID athlete/RD, and really appreciate all that Brooks has done for me. I hope to see you at R2R.

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