Friday, March 12, 2010

Pre Race Jitters

Here is a look at the last two weeks of mileage heading up to Salida:


M- AM 65 min, 10 miles, (hot yoga)

     PM 40 min, 6 miles

T- AM 78 min, 12 miles, (C2 yoga)

     PM 28 min, 4 miles

W- AM 66 min, 10 miles

     PM 40 min, 6 miles

T- AM 71 min, 10 miles (C2 yoga)

     PM 40 min, 6 miles

F- AM 67 min, 10 miles

     PM 41 min, 6 miles

S- AM 189 min, 21 miles 4,665 ft of gain

     PM 46 min, 6 miles

S- AM 36 min, 4 barefoot

     PM 13 min, ~2 miles

TOTAL: 113 miles, 13 hrs 40 min, 7:15 min/mile


M- AM 105 min, 15 miles

     PM 43 min, 6 miles

T- AM 49 min, 7 miles

     PM 42 min, 6 miles

W- AM 112 min, 15 miles

     PM 40 min, 6 miles

T- AM 40 min, 6 miles

     PM 40 min, 6 miles

F- 85 min, 12 miles

S- Salida Marathon, TIME:

S- SOLO, __ min, 6 miles + 2 barefoot

TOTAL: 113 miles, 

I didn't realize how much competition would be in this race when I decided to enter a few weeks ago. Actually, I haven't even entered yet, my plan was just to show up.  That should be a sign of how seriously I was taking this event.

I'm not worried about this news, though.  On the contrary, I'm quite excited.  This is going to be a perfect test to see how hard I can push myself before American River.

Some of the competitors (that I know of) are: Timmy Parr, Ryan Burch, Nick Pedatella, and Nick Clark.  Each of them has their own impressive record, and will likely be pushing for the number 1 spot to add to the list.

Similar to my outlook toward signing up for this race, I also have a lack of plan.  The only thing I have in mind is that fact that I probably need to push the pace early on in order to even remotely have a chance at staving off Parr and his impressive speed (Olympics Trials marathoner, 31-flat road 10k), since the last 7 miles or so is all downhill.  Yikes.  Nick Clark and Ryan Burch also seem to have impressive sub-50 miler speed, with Burch running a 3:11 last year, and Nick having a few early CR's this year.

Needless to say, this will be an exciting race to take part in, as well as being a great tune up for my main goal this year.


  1. hope it went well, Andy. Waiting on pins and needles for some results!

  2. Andy - great race today. Congrats!